During the consultation stage, we will discuss with you what your are hoping to achieve from this service and will talk about your viability as a candidate as well as the products that we believe would be best suited for you. We will take into consideration a variety of factors including lifestyle, local climate and most importantly, the look you want to achieve. 

It is at this stage we will assess colour, density and natural style of any pre-existing hair you may have. If you wish to go ahead with the service, we will take the appropriate measurements for your personalised system and place your order. Once we have received this we will contact you to make you aware and book you in for your fitting. 

Please be aware the length of time of arrival for any orders depends entirely on what type of system has been ordered; stock/standard systems arrive much sooner than complete custom designed ones as these typically take longer to make. If you proceed with an order following your consultation, please be aware that you will be required to pay 50% booking fee up front. The remainder is to be paid on the day of fitting and your consultation fee will be deducted.


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