Our Hair Restoration System training is suitable for all different starting levels; from those already in the hairdressing/barbering industry to those who may be complete beginners with no previous hair related knowledge.

For those who have already have hairdressing / barbering knowledge, we suggest our 1 Day "Hair Restoration System" training which will educate you to know all everything relating to the service. This includes: types of hair systems, applying a system and removing a system. Theory, simulated practice and live-model practice will also be included and you will receive a fully accredited and insurable certificate to certify you as an official Hair Restoration System Technician.

Those who have no hairdressing/barbering knowledge, we recommend you to attend an additional training masterclass prior to your 'Hair Restoration System' training which will be our 'Barbering Essentials" masterclass. During this masterclass you will receive a full understanding of how to cut men's hair using clippers and scissors for basic hairstyles. You will gain all the relevant knowledge to be able to cut and style both natural hair and that from a system. You will receive a full certificate of attendance. 

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